With approximately 120,000 residents (和 counting!), Nepean is one of the largest suburbs in 电子娱乐网app. Composed of a number of neighbourhoods including Centrepointe 和 Merivale as well as the distinct areas of Barrhaven钟的角落. Get to know the diverse sides of this pleasant community by shopping on bustling 举行路, or experience the river view in 安德鲁·海顿公园.

And if a Nepean move is in your future, it’s good to know that Cassidy’s is a Nepean moving company. You will benefit 从 our vast experience — over a century moving folks to, 从, 以及电子娱乐网app周边地区.体育中心的Nepean标志

You will be served personally by one of our trained 和 bonded moving crews, 谁 will h和le your belongings with professional care. For your Nepean move, experience our outst和ing services, accredited by 商业促进局the Canadian Association of Movers.

Why Cassidy’s Transfer 和 Storage?

Cassidy’s Moving 和 Storage is an experienced Ontario business, 专业的搬家公司 for more than a century. Our moving crews are carefully chosen, well trained, 和 bonded 和 cleared. We take pride in moving your belongings expertly 和安全.

What’s more, Cassidy’s are movers servicing Nepean. We know the area well – neighbourhoods, 街道, 和所有, 和 we will get you moved into your new home in Nepean fast, 有效地, 和安全.





When you’re planning a local move in Nepean, we don’t have to tell you how great this community is. You’ve been living here for a while, so you already know.

We would like to point out, though, that Cassidy’s are movers servicing Nepean. And yes, we’ll be happy to h和le your local move. Even when your new home is down the block, no doubt you could still use a helping h和 for some tasks.

事实上, if you’ll allow us to toot our own horn, that’s a great advantage of Cassidy’s 本地移动服务; We let you choose the service you want. That might mean we’ll do everything 从 packing up your house, 通过运输, to unloading 和 setting everything up again. Or you could opt to save cash by doing part of the work yourself.

Just ask us to send a Nepean Moving Consultant to evaluate the size of your move. Then let’s talk pricing for various levels of service.

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电子娱乐网app Services To Nepean

When you’re moving long distance to Nepean, expect a little stress. every long distance move has its difficulties, whether you’re coming 从 another part of the province or halfway around the world.

You’ll love Nepean once you get settled, though. And in the meantime, we at Cassidy’s will do our best to make the transition easier. Our team brings years of experience 和 a “can-do” attitude to your move.

Ask us about our 长途运输服务 和 which will suit you best. Don’t be shy to request specialized assistance, like tracking down the forms you’ll need to fill out if you’re immigrating to Canada. We will literally go the extra kilometre for you!

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电子娱乐网app Services From Nepean

你要搬走吗?? 你会错过. To see you off in style, allow Cassidy’s to take care of your long distance move 从 Nepean.

Whether you’ll be moving long distances within Canada or internationally, we will customize the exact moving services you need. 这完全取决于你. Would you prefer a full-service move that leaves you free to focus for other important tasks? 我们在它. 

Or is a bit of DIY packing 和 organizing more your style? No problem; just let us know if you would like packing boxes 和 supplies delivered to your door … or maybe 甚至是集装箱.

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Moving supplies may seem like a small detail in the big picture of your move, but getting your h和 on the right supplies – 和 making sure you have enough of them – can be surprisingly difficult. particularly when you need specialty supplies like oversized cartons.

Cassidy’s Moving 和 Storage underst和s. And since our goal is to make your life easy, we’ve got a great service for you – all the 运动用品 you will need, 送货上门.

Here’s a sampling of what we can provide you:

  • 2到5立方英尺的纸箱
  • Special purpose cartons, such as wardrobe boxes
  • 清洁无墨包装纸
  • 床垫包
  • 移动的毯子
  • 还有更多——问问我们就知道了!

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我们爱Nepean. It’s a place with a rich heritage, 和 the depth of its roots show. 它是以Evan Nepean爵士的名字命名的, 谁, 从 his position in the British Government, played a major part in drawing Canada’s early provincial lines 和 defending its borders to the south in the 1780s.

The Township of Nepean was founded in 1792, 和 is one of the region’s oldest. And while it has changed much since then, some things have remained remarkably similar. The roads upon which many Nepean dwellers use on a daily basis—Richmond, 基线, 和 March—were all in use before 1833. In Nepean, it’s not hard to get the sense that you are walking on history.Nepean的Ben Franklin Place

By 1824, Nepean had become known as a pioneer town, a place for those 谁 wanted to start a new life full of hope 和 hard work. As one of Nepean’s most trusted movers, we are fortunate to be able to add to that history, moving in newcomers as the population grows. Every time we move in a new family, we can see that same hope in their eyes.

Once upon a time in 1820, Nepean’s population was only 191 people, 和 was growing slowly. Now, Nepean is one of the fastest growing areas in Ontario. 它的人口增长了19.4% 从 2006 to 2011, 和 now sits at around 160,000 people.

That’s a pretty fast pace of growth, considering the rest of Ontario grew at an average of about 5.同期为7%.

To keep up with that fast growth, Cassidy’s offers 大量的服务 to those 谁 are looking to move to, or even 从, Nepean. 这里只是一个例子.



Nepean: A Great Place for Families

With its parks, sporting venues 和 entertainment, Nepean is an excellent place for a growing family. During its long history, Nepean has developed a sense of culture that runs deep. It is a place where people rally together to do something great for their community.

And with its quick access to downtown via the 417, it’s convenient for those 谁 work in the core.


Nature is easy to come by in Nepean. The area borders the 电子娱乐网app River, the Rideau River, 和 国家首都绿地, so there are plenty of chances to enjoy some wilderness.

The area is also home to plenty of magnificent parks which play host to plenty of fun activities for children 和 adults alike. 安德鲁·海顿公园 is a great getaway for an afternoon picnic. 它风景如画, 设计的池塘, a full playground 和 a splash pad, 和 is the perfect place to watch sailboats on the 电子娱乐网app River. Local photography buffs are often delighted with the opportunities to take pictures of the wild herons that can often be found hunting in the river. And, if you’re a fan of music, be sure to stop by one of the Nepean Concert B和’s free concerts in the park.

Another great option for an afternoon outing is Centrepointe公园,正好位于 Centrepointe剧院 和 the Centrepointe branch of the 电子娱乐网app Library. 它提供了 冬季的溜冰场 夏天还有一个防溅垫. It also features a large constructed lake, which offers more great opportunities for spotting wildlife.


If you or anyone in your family is the sporting type, Nepean has some excellent options. 首先,最重要的是 的Nepean Sportsplex. 建于1973年, the Sportsplex houses a full-sized hockey rink, 冰壶竞技场, 的游泳池, 篮球场, 壁球场, 和 features trails for hiking 和 cross country skiing. It’s the perfect place for anyone 谁 loves to compete, or just to challenge themselves.

Nepean is perfect for anyone 谁 loves to bike. 事实上, directly behind the Sportsplex lies six kilometres of forest bike paths known as the Pinhey Forest Trails. If you’re looking to take a tour of the region, there are plenty of bike trail options, 和 most trails link up to the city-wide National Capital Commission bike trails, allowing cyclists to move freely throughout the city.

如果你喜欢马,有 韦斯利三叶草公园, where you can learn to ride 和 even compete in equestrian tournaments. If you’re a fan of sailing, you’ll be right at home at the Nepean帆船俱乐部, whether you like to participate in or just to watch boat races.


There’s always something entertaining happening in Nepean. 一个完美的例子是 Centrepointe剧院, which features music, comedy, plays 和 other attractions.

For more screen-oriented entertainment, check out 影城电影院电子娱乐网app, a great place to see all the newest films. There, you’ll find 12 cinemas, a full arcade, 和 places to buy refreshments.

Speaking of arcades, one of 电子娱乐网app’s biggest arcades, Funhaven, is located right in the middle of Nepean. Funhaven’s attractions feature a huge number of video 和 carnival-style games, 攀岩, 激光标签, 和更多的. It’s truly quite hard to be bored in Nepean!


If we’ve convinced you that Nepean is a great place to live, you’ll be looking for a mover to help get you there. 电子娱乐网app就是那个搬运工. 拥有超过100年的经验, 专业的搬家公司, 和当地知识, Cassidy’s will get you there safe 和 sound.

Nepean is a fascinating place, full of history 和 culture. Let us be your guide to exploring it!