At Cassidy’s you can have us pack as much or as little as you want.

We offer a wide variety of services with options for everyone. Whether you’re on a tight budget, 忙到没时间收拾行李, 或者介于两者之间, 我们有一个解决办法.



全方位服务的包装 is a great option for people who are moving long distance or internationally. With this option, everything that’s going to your new home is carefully protected and placed in a 坚固的箱子 那是为移动而设计的.



For people who want to save money or who want to pack some fragile items themselves, 我们提供部分包装. 一切由你决定.



With this option, you do all the packing yourself.

Then we take care of the heavy lifting: we move your belongings into the truck, 开车去你的新家, and move your belongings back out and into your new home.

We sell boxes and deliver free in the 电子娱乐网app area.



If you need help unpacking, we can offer that option. While we don’t put things away in cupboards and closets or hang your artwork, we can take care of the annoying work of opening boxes, 把事情打开, 以及拆除包装.

Your belongings are placed carefully on tables, countertops or other handy surfaces. All you have to do is place everything where you want it.

We include high-quality boxes and clean newsprint included with all our 包装服务. Details are available below – or you can just ask your friendly Cassidy’s moving consultant.



One of the things people need to do before moving is disassemble things that are too large to go through doorways or around twisting stairwells.

Most of our customers are happy to do this themselves, but if you need help with disassembly we can provide it on request. We charge by the hour for this, and we can include things like:

  • 床架
  • 壁柜和书柜
  • 餐厅的桌子
  • 小重量的长椅
  • 工作长椅

Reassembly of anything you hire us to disassemble is included. 我们还会安排 家具 where you want them (just once though – we can’t reposition furniture multiple times).

For liability reasons, we cannot disassemble large multi-station exercise machines for you.


If you have especially valuable items, we may recommend extra packing materials or the use of wooden crates. This will help protect items that are heavy but fragile like:

  • 脆弱的雕塑
  • 葡萄酒收藏
  • 其他的收藏品

We’ll advise you if we think an item should go in a wooden crate with extra padding, 或者你可以要求.

If you have valuable items, please let us know and be sure to discuss extra insurance. 任何价值4美元的东西,包括999及以下, 但是任何东西都要5美元,000 and over you need an appraisal.

对不起,我们不能动钢琴. Moving pianos is a specialist task – please ask us for a referral.


All Boxes Are Not Created Equal

We only use thick-walled, sturdy cardboard boxes that stack well without collapsing. 在需要的地方我们也使用:

  • China cartons with double-thickness walls and reinforced corners. These keep their shape even when loaded with heavy but fragile dishware.
  • Small, easy-to-use boxes for heavy items like .
  • Wardrobe boxes that have hanger bars to prevent wrinkling.
  • 镜子/framed artwork cartons that telescope to the right size.
  • We wrap all soft furniture in professional-grade cling wrap.

Bubble wrap can be included, but does cost extra. We will advise you if we think it’s a good idea to use it on some of your belongings.


When we have them, you can use recycled boxes to save money and the environment. All of our recycled boxes are clean.

因为卫生原因, we do not reuse plastic wrap used on mattresses and other upholstered furniture. We dispose of it at a recycling facility.

Just want to buy boxes from us and pack yourself? 这也是好的!

有问题? 没有问题!

We’re always happy to answer anything. Ask for a quote to get started – there’s no obligation if we can’t meet your needs.


我们有 若干指南 that can help you pack your belongings safely in our blog.


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“这是我做过的最好的一招, 做最好的2步, since Cassidy’s also moved everything in and out for my renovation 7 months ago.”






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