Yes – it’s called valuation protection, and it’s exactly the same as insurance. There are different levels depending on what you need.

Here’s a bit about how it works.

Everything we pack, plus all furniture, is covered. Please note that all fragile furniture must be packed or they travel at your risk. This includes things like dresser mirrors, freestanding mirrors, plate glass table tops and flat screen TVs. Talk to your Cassidy’s representative for the full list.

The full replacement replacement value of anything damaged in the move is covered. If you have any items that are over $5,000 in value they need to have a bill of sale or an official appraisal in order to be covered for the full amount.

Any damage to your home is also covered.

The cost of valuation protection depends on the size of your home.

If you’re doing your own packing, there is no coverage for contents because we have no way of controlling how well the boxes are packed.

If you want us to do some, but not all, of your packing then anything we pack is covered.

While we cover external damage to electronics, we can’t be responsible for the mechanical condition of appliances because we can’t be sure they were working before the move.

When in doubt, get us to pack the item. Then if you need to file a damage claim we get an electronics shop to decide if the damage is moving related or if it was because the appliance was old and fragile. All moves involve travelling on public roads that can vary from smooth to full of potholes. Some shaking is bound to happen, and that can strain old connections inside electronics.

If you’re especially concerned about your electronics, for an extra fee we can have an independent 3rd party (like an electronics shop) test and certify that your electronics are working before the move.

There are a lot of options depending on how fragile the item is, how valuable it is and exactly what it takes to make sure it arrives safely. Please let us know what the exact item is and we can let you know what the options are.

Yes. If we damage your walls or scratch your floors, we will get it fixed. You must note the damage at the time of the move, however, as we can’t verify we caused the damage if it’s a month later.

We do an initial walkthrough of your new home with you before we unload the truck so we can note any issues, and then do a confirmation at the end of the move.

We wrap solid/hard furniture carefully with blankets.

We always use new plastic wrap to ensure maximum cleanliness. Once we unwrap, the plastic is taken away to the recycling facility.

Yes, but we generally need to pay our moving team time and a half for overtime. In the high season (March to September) this is a sure thing, but if you’re moving in the winter and you pick a week we’re not fully booked, we may not need to pay overtime.

We try and provide a good working environment for our movers so the experienced, efficient-but-careful ones will stay with us for their entire career. If someone’s been lifting heavy boxes all week, we feel it’s only fair to compensate them fairly for extra hours.

Yes, for local moves we can move liquids at your risk, but we cannot be responsible for spills on furniture.

If you want to minimize risk, we recommend that you pack liquids of any kind in a sealable plastic tote bin. That way any spills are more likely to stay contained.

Yes. Please see our hazardous materials post for a comprehensive list of items we don’t include in our normal residential moving service. You’ll notice that aerosol cans or pressurized gasses of any kind are right at the top of the list.

If you need it, we do have a specialized hazardous materials moving service, but that’s generally meant for commercial freight. Most people would not be prepared to do the paperwork on moving nuclear materials or explosives!

Local moves are based on an hourly rate. We provide you with an estimate after viewing your home and its contents. Packing costs are based on materials used. We’re generally very close to our estimates, but variables like weather, how far away from your door items are, or if your entryway is awkward and we have to be more careful to avoid damaging larger furniture items.

You can make moves go faster by taking furniture apart yourself, or getting any boxes you pack close to the entrance of your home. Let your Cassidy’s moving consultant know what your priorities are in terms of controlling costs and you’ll get some more advice on keeping costs lower. We’re happy to help those who want to minimize costs.

If you’re looking for some ballpark numbers, you can read our blog post on how much it costs to move.

Yes, we will use floor runners and blankets in areas where we’ll be walking.

Unfortunately we can’t ask our movers to remove their boots, or else they are not covered in case of injury. As mentioned above, we are responsible for fixing any damage to your home during the move, including floor scratches.

Generally, yes. We almost always use a tractor trailer for most moves so there is one trip and the billable hours are lower.

If for some reason this is not possible, we will let you know in advance. An example of a situation in which we don’t use our largest truck would be if the move has to involve cottage roads that can’t take a tractor trailer.


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